Equipment to help you improve patient care

International Health Group have a wide variety of respiratory ventilators for the ICU setting. Industry trusted brands:
Siemens, Puritan Bennett, Drager, Respironics, and Pulmonetic.

Puritan Bennett 840

Siemens Maquet Servo-i

Puritan Bennett 980-Medtronic

Philips Respironics  V60 

Viasys Avea

Respironics V200

Dragar Evita 4

Dragar Evita XL

Drager Savina

Drager Oxylog 3000

Philips Respironics Trilogy

Viasys Vela Comprehensive

International Health Group supply both factory new and refurbished Hamilton ventilators.













International Health Group offers a wide variety of anaesthesia system solutions, including portable field units, office-based machines, and advanced hospital operating room anesthesia systems. Our selection of anesthesia machines includes factory new units manufactured by GE Datex Ohmeda and Drager.

Contact IHG Healthcare to learn more about how our sales staff can provide your facility a true advantage in anesthesia care.

Penlon Prima 460

Penlon Prima 451 MRI

GE Aestiva 5 Datex Ohmeda

GE Avance S5 Carestation

GE Aisys Carestation

GE Aisys CS2 Carestation

GE Aespier

GE Aestiva / 5 MRI

Drager Primus Workstation

GE Aespire S5/7900 Smart Vent

Drager Apollo

Drager Fabius GS

Drager Fabius GS

Drager Fabius Tiro

Drager Narkomed MRI-2

Penlon Prima SP2

Mindray A5

Mindray Datascope AS3000

GE Avance CS2

Drager Perseus A500

Drager Narkomed GS


Drager MRI-Compatible 

Drager Fabius OS

Avante Integra SP-II


International Health Group is a leading supplier of brand new and refurbished Philips patient monitors to the ICU and Emergency room. 
Both factory new and refurbished together with a complete back-up service

Philips Intellivue MP90

Philips Intellivue MP60

Philips MP50

Philips Intellivue MP40

Philips Intellivue MP30

Philips Intellivue MP20

Philips Intellivue MP5

Philips Intellivue Bedside Monitor

Philips Intellivue 550

C-Arm Fluroscopy provides high-resolution, real-time fluoroscopic x-ray imaging during surgical, orthopaedic, and emergency care procedures.
C-arm design consists of an x-ray source and an x-ray detector, with the characteristic C-shaped arm used to connect the two elements while allowing access to a variety of positioning capabilities. International Health Group provides factory new and professionally refurbished C-arms, ideal for use in any imaging suite.

GE OEC 9900 Elite Mobile

GE OEC 9800 Super C-Arm

GE OEC 9600 C-Arm

International Health Group have a wide range of defibrillators available, from manually-operated advanced defibrillators for EMS professionals and operating room staff to wall-mounted AED units that allow non-medical personnel to offer guided resuscitation in gyms, and other environments. Request a quick price quote for a brand new or refurbished defibrillator from top brands, including Philips, Zoll, Medtronic, and more.

Lifepack 15-Medtronic/Physio

Philips Heartstart XL Biphasic

Philips Heartstart/MRX

Lifepack 20 Physio Control Medtronic

Lifepack 20e Stryker/Physio Control

Lifepack 12 Medtronic Physio Control

Philips Heartstart MRX 

Lifepack 9 Medtronic Physio-Control

Zoll CCT Transport

International Health Group have a complete range of factory new ICU beds.
Features include: 
 Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, electric height adjustment and patient positioning, instant CPR release and increased weight capacities. Top brands Hill-Rom and Stryker.

Hill-Rom Centra Series 1060/1062

Hill-Rom Total Care 380S

Hill-Rom Advanta

Hill-Rom Versacare

Stryker Secure II 3002

Premio 150

We offer a wide selection of infusion and syringe pumps from Baxter, Medfusion and Alaris.
See our selection below and contact an International Health Group representative today.

Lifecare PCA Infusion System

Alaris Med Infusion System III 2865

Alaris EtC02 Infusion Module

Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 Infusion System

Baxter Flo-Gard 6201

Medfusion 310a Syringe Pump

International Health Group carry a complete range of exam lights for the ICU and Surgical setting.
From ceiling to wall mount, 
Welch-Allen,Philips and Cool View.

Vision LED Surgical/ICU Setting

Vision T3 LED-Ceiling Mounted

Daray Pro Examination-Magnifying LED Lights

International Health Group offer a complete range of Transmotion Stretchers and chairs for the ICU setting
Full battery charging equipment is included together with a back-up service.

Transmotion Stretcher/Chair

Transmotion TMM4 Plus Stretcher/Chair

Transmotion TMM5 Plus ICU/Surgical

Fusion Electric Height-Split Foot Treatment Chair


Electric Height Examination Chair
Electric Height Single Foot Section SUN-FTRTE1

Electric Height-Single Foot Section

Electric Treatment Chair
Electric treatment chair - Stephen H Anatomical - Gardhen Bilance - 3


Electric Dialysis Chair

FusionDHC-Removable-Mattress-Dialysis-Treatment-Chair-Acime-UK-4 - Acime


Electric Treatment Chair - USA

Electric treatment chair - SENSA i - LiKAMED - 3-section  on casters

International Health Group offer a wide range of equipment for the ICU department.
 Contact us to learn more about how we can provide your facility a true advantage in care.

Delivery 15 days from date of order - no deposit required - invoice by e mail